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We are engaged in academic writing services and edtech industry since 2005. And it seems you’re the one we’ve been looking for all the time.

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What we do

As we have already told you, we relieve students’ pain. As a part of it, we supply them with services and a comprehensive set of tools to improve their academic performance. So, we are:

UVOTEAM in numbers

Everybody loves numbers, right? We do too! Here’s a couple of facts about our team:


Years of experience in providing timely and high-quality academic assistance to those who study in the USA, Canada, Australia, and the UK.


Though we have been around for so many years, our team is still growing and consists of over 600 dedicated technical experts and non-IT specialists.


Is the approximate number of cups of tea and coffee we turn daily into high-performing websites, unique texts, and catchy designs.

UVOTEAM worldwide

UVOTEAM is a European brand, working mostly with the US and UK markets. All of our offices and workspaces are located in Czech Republic and Ukraine.

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What makes us great

Primarily it’s the awesome people behind every line of code, text and design. We started as a small family-like team, which mainly consisted of friends and their friends and friends of their friends.

Although UVOTEAM has significantly grown over the years, the family-like feeling still lingers on in our offices. We know how to combine the best of two worlds: innovation and tradition!

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